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6.Training session of specific endurance for winger / full back

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The best workout is the one that resembles the needs of the game to the maximum extent.

Your team's side players are forced to drive the ball, to pass accurately, to run without the ball. Also, do not overlook the intervals that are forced to pressurize and in a fatigue state to end a phase. With the workout that we present you can work all the players that compete in these positions by dividing them right and left, and starting each pair at the same time.

Improve the specific endurance skills of your wingers and full backs by following the training below. This includes the variations in accelerations and decelerations necessary for the proper preparation of footballers, the corresponding intensity and time spent in high training zones (% H.R.) and the defined gap needed to improve the endurance aspects. The use of technical and tactical elements gives you the realism that is required for the ultimate training of your players.

6.Training session of specific endurance for winger / full back

Endurance »

Players start from the side of the box and with intense rhythm they reach the center line driving the ball, where they are called to pass with precision into a small post. Then, at a constant pace of (40% M.S) jogging, parallel to the central line and then perform a vigorous movement (3/4pace 75% M.S.) to the manequin.

At the manequin area they perform explosive movements forward and backward, making an aggresive defense, at a distance of 5 meters x 3 times. With the end of the explosive moves, they receive a ball from the coach, drive the ball diagonally across the box and try to shoot at the corner of the big post.

Exercise intensity: 80%-95% M.H.R.

Rep Duration: 40 '' - 45 ''

Duration of exercise: 1-2 sets with 4-6 repetitions

Stop: 1: 1 to 1: 2 per repeat and 2' per set

  • Training effect on the maintenance of actions for a long time.
  • Training effect on the ability of faster repetition of explosive action.
  • Training effect on technical tactical and mental elements.