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Cool down & Recovery

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Drills and techniques to bring the player back to his starting (before training) situation refreshing and relaxing him.

Gather players in a group and run around the pitch with a leisurely run for approximately 2'-3'.

Let players lie down in front of the bench.Give each one from a bottle of recovery supplement and let them freely perform static stretching to body parts that feel they need it most, while gradually consume their fluids for about 4'-5'.

Tell the players to follow your instructions for static stretching to the main muscle groups of the legs, hips and trunk, staying at each stretch for about 20''-30''.

  • The usenes of such recovery may be done on a daily basis.
  • Avoid this kind of recovery 24 to 48 hours prior to a match.
  • Avoid this kind of recovery after workout with heavy eccentric loads to the muscles.
Cool down & Recovery
Cool down & Recovery
1.Recovery immediately after training unit on the field.

When your workout contains intensive reactive strength methods at the main part (muscle performance that results in a great push within the enlargement-shortening cycle) or small side games with small arithmetic correlations 3v3 2v2 1v1 (increased and violent eccentric muscle contractions), then you create a muscular injury from training process (muscle fiber breakdown).

The forces being developed are massive (they can reach up to 5 times the athlete's body weight) where muscles, tendons set and joints are called to cope. If at the end of the training you use static stretches in the recovery proccess for your players, there is a risk of increased phenomenon and swelling of the injured tissue.

Cool down & Recovery

Follow the following demo program after the training to speed up your players' recovery:

  • Slow tempo jog across the pitch x 4 repetitions
  • Gentle hip-knee mobility exercises across the pitch x 4 repetitions
  • Discharge low back-torso with fitball help
  • Consumption of a 2: 1 or 3: 1 carbohydrate-protein restorative beverage
Cool down & Recovery
Cool down & Recovery
2.Recovery process after eccentric load training