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Professional level drills to prepare the players physically and mentally for the main training session or the official match:

Proper warm-up progression by gradually increasing body temperature, joint mobility, sport-coordinative abilities and activating aerobic and anaerobic mechanisms is key to its success.Begin players with light jogging around the pitch for two laps in about 3'.

Place them on the sideline and perform functional mobility exercises for muscles and joints (15 m) with light jogging back for 3'. (A)

Let the players to perform their routine for 2'.

Perform intense dynamic stretching exercises up to the cones with light jogging back for 3'.


Split players into two subgroups and execute dribbling the ball, pass the ball and recieving with intensity for 3'. (B)

Perform two repetitions with low hurdle jumps and sprints for 5m. (C)

Intensity: 50% -75% M.H.R.

Duration: 15 '

  • Using this sequence of exercises above helps players prepare physically and mentally, as well as 'activate' sport-specific skills for the main part of training.

1.Warm up before main part of a training unit

A good and quick way to prepare your players for the main part of training is to follow the exercise of image 1.

Divide the team into small groups of players by having them perform an agility ladder exercise where you can periodically change the kinetic pattern. Then perform skipping over low obstacles and dribbling a manequin. The return is made by performing dynamic stretches, which we again change with our precepts from time to time.


This way you quickly prepare the musculoskeletal and cardio-respiratory system of the players while at the same time activating the nervous system, while also bringing the players in contact with the ball.

Exercise intensity: 50-75% M.H.R.

Exercise Duration: 10'

2.Warm up drill with coordination, dribbling the ball and dynamic flex

The official match is the day of the exam for all team members. Preparing all of the previous time finds her image in the mirror of the official game.

An official match warmup should be characterized by simplicity, substance and brief activity where you will ensure the players' safe preparation both physically and mentally. From their performance depends the course of a team where even the smallest detail counts..

An example of warm-up before an official match is shown in Figures which includes the following exercises:

  • activation of the aerobic mechanism and preparation of muscles and joints with dynamic stretches, mobility exercises for 10-15m with to 2 lines of players.
  • gradual increase in exercise intensity.
  • total duration 8'.
  • movement in the area with passes in pairs (choose players that will cooporate more in the game).
  • a feeling of free preparation for players with sport-specific motor skills.
  • total duration 3'.
  • small sided possession game of 4v4 + 2 with 2 contacts in a space of 20 x 30m (choose teams in zones or sides that will play).
  • exercise duration 2 x 2 'with 1' break.
  • exercise with build up and shoot or header at the end of the phase (choose simple attacking phases).
  • the central midfielders after 2-3 passes make a long diagonal ball in the fullbacks or wingers of the side and they in turn after a wall pass make a cross in the pair of the attackers or the central defenders who after an x move get into the box for finishing .
  • selecting players for the matching positions of the drill.
  • total exercise duration 4 '
  • peaking with activation of C.N.S with the execution of 2 speed drills with coordination for 5m in 2 lines of players.
  • 4 reps (2 per exercise).
  • total duration 2'.
3.Match day warm up