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In s11 you will find soccer fitness drills and practices covering Endurance, S.A.Q & Strength sectors.

Use the training of image 1 to improve your starting speed. If you combine it with other training forms always execute it at the beginning of your program when you are fresh.

Fitness & Conditioning
Fitness & Conditioning
1.Explosive first step

During the transition phase it would be advisable to limit the losses in your physical condition, creating the basis on which the preparation phase will be build and repair vulnerabilities of past injuries that might exist.

The endurance program is indicative as to the running tempos where it would be good to see the results of your fitness tests. In program endurance1 you can choose training below the anaerobic threshold or to be sure below 85% M.H.R , while in program endurance2 you can work on your maximum aerobic speed.

In the strength training program you put as much kilos as you need to be within the range of repetitions i write with a focus on proper technical execution.

Do not forget the core training due to its cohesiveness in the training process (see the maximising sports performance section of the site).

Fitness & Conditioning

The program is designed for a 6-week break with the first two operating as a discharge period, and gradually the next 4 to place strength and endurance training units to reduce losses and creation of a good training enviroment (click on the photos to watch the schedule).

... maybe the worst thing you can do is to let yourself for six weeks starting again from zero point ...

Fitness & Conditioning
Fitness & Conditioning
2.Transition phase programme
  • Warm up

5' jogging + 5' mobility and stretching

  • Main programme Medium / High intensity

set 1= 3 laps of the schedule with alternate runs (start from the top left corner , red line strong run / yellow jogging / blue walking)

  • Duration

2-3 sets with a 2' stop between sets

  • Recovery

5' light jogging and stretching

Fitness & Conditioning
Fitness & Conditioning
3.Aerobic endurance training

A good and simple way to improve your endurance capacity is to follow the training of figure 1.

Start with a strong run until the end of the penalty box (40m) and back (40m) in 15 seconds with 15 seconds passive break.

Perform 12 reps with a total time of 6'.

You can execute 1-2 sets with an interval of 4'.

Your heart rate will rise above 90% of M.H.R. and the results of these trainings will be visible in the improvement of all of the endurance components (vV02max, VO2max, La Thr, Re) .

Fitness & Conditioning
Fitness & Conditioning
4. Improve aerobic-anaerobic endurance capacity