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3.Extensive Specific Endurance Training 2

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If you want your players to "stay" in the match, follow the training below.

Ball possession game in space 40 x 40m up to 50 x 50m.

Divide the team into 2 equal groups (8v8 to 11v11).

At each corner of the area we create a small square 5x5m as in Figure 1.

On 2 corners diagonally we place 2 players of the same team. The objective of the teams is to carry the ball from one corner to the other where it counts as a goal.After the pass into the small square the player that made the pass change position to that which was already inside.

Players in area play with no touch restrictions.

Exercise intensity: 75% -90% M.H.R.

Exercise Duration: 1-2 sets X 6'-10'.

Stop: 1' between the sets.

  • Training effect on the maintainance of actions for a long time.
  • Training effect on technical, tactical and mental aspects.
3.Extensive Specific Endurance Training 2