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5.Intensive Spesific Endurance and HIIT

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The workout below ensures that all your players will work at high intensity by improving their endurance capacity. You can use a similar workout at your loading phase (mid week) in weekly microcycle or at preparation phase.

Divide the team into 4 equal groups (4v4 up to 6v6). If you have an odd number of players put one play as a floater with both teams.

In an area 40m length - 30m width both teams play without limit contacts 5v5 with 2 gk. in a formation that you will choose.

Next to them, players of other two groups run a distance of 80 meters (40 + 40) in 15'' with 15'' passive break.

After each set change group roles.

Exercise intensity: 85%-95% M.H.R.

Exercise duration: 2-4 set X 4'-6'.

Stop: 2' between sets.

  • Training effect on the maintenance of actions for a long time.
  • Training effect on the ability of faster repetition of explosive action.
  • Training effect on technical tactical and mental elements.
5.Intensive Spesific Endurance and HIIT