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4.Intensive Specific Endurance Training

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SSG training with one goalpost. Especially effective if you do not have all the pitch, if you have a small number of players (the day after a game) or only one goalkeeper available at your disposal.

We create 2 equal groups 5v5 (4v4 up to 6v6).

In an area 40 x 30 meters both teams trying to maintain possession of the ball for 6 consecutive passes. They can then develop attack at the post with their opponents and the goalkeeper trying to stop them. After the final attempt the players of the two teams sprint to the possesion area where the coach gives a new ball to the defending team to continue the exercise.

The game can be played without restrictions of contacts or with 2-3 contacts.

Exercise intensity: 85%-95% M.H.R.

Exercise duration: 2-4 set X 3'-6'.

Stop: 2' between sets.

  • Training effect on the maintenance of actions for a long time.
  • Training effect on the ability of faster repetition of explosive action.
  • Training effect on technical tactical and mental elements.
4.Intensive Specific Endurance Training