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1.Extensive Specific Endurance Training 1

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If you want to improve your players endurance capacity, follow the training below.

SSG with 2 goalposts back to back at 2 x 40 x 30 m of figure 1.

We split the team into 4 equal groups (4v4 up to 6v6).

In every side of the pitch plays for example 5 (defence) v 5 (attack) with 1 goalkeeper and at the neutral zone remains 2 more goalkeepers (or players) as suporters for the teams in possesion. If the attackers make a goal they continue possesion. If the defenders or the goalkeeper gain the ball then with the help of the supporters they transfer the ball at the other side of the pitch where their teamates attack.

In every set change roles.

The teams and the suporters play with 2 touches or free.

Intensity: 75%-90% MHR.

Duration: 2-4 sets X 6-10'.

Stop: 2' between the sets.

  • Training effect on the maintenance of actions for a long time.
  • Training effect on technical tactical and mental aspects.
1.Extensive Specific Endurance Training 1