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4.Nutrition advices for your holidays

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1. Weight Control:

· Check your weight

· weigh yourself before breakfast, with light clothes 2-3 times/week

2. Eat RIGHT

· Eat Regular Meals Throughout the Day Starving yourself all day long so you can let loose later that evening will not work in your favor.

· Take at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables / day

· If you have a holiday dinner in the evening, follow your regular eating schedule .

In order to avoid overeating at dinner, you can eat balanced meals and small snacks throughout the day —>

High fibre,

lean protein

and healthy fats/oils

help keep your appetite inline.


· Your needs for water are bigger at summertime

· Drink 1 cup of water each 1,5 hour

· Drink 1-2 cups of water before your meal/snack

4.Nutrition advices for your holidays

Nutrition »

4. Take Ownership of the Situation

· When bringing or making something for the party, bring a healthy option. Chances are everyone else will be glad you did!

· Fruit platters/salad, hard-boiled eggs stuffed with hummus (yolks removed), mini yogurt parfaits, date’n nut bites, or a box of oranges are just a few ways to remind you to stay on track.

5. Everything in Moderation – 80-20 Rule

Staying mindful over the holidays does not mean all or nothing. Follow the 80/20 rule. This means eat planned and on purpose healthy meals and snacks 80% of the time and enjoy holiday treats 20% of the time.

Do the 80/20 rule system !

4.Nutrition advices for your holidays