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What are the best supplements for footballers?
I often accept the question what supplements should I take to improve my athletic performance. There are now commercially so many supplements that the decision is complex. Well, for a healthy player, who sleeps and feeds as they should, I suggest the following:

  1. A good multivitamin since the quality of food is no longer as it should be.
  2. A good supplement of omega-3, known as fish oil or Krill oil. Now we see there is an imbalance of omega-6 / omega-3 fatty generally borne our health. In addition, omega-3 fight inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity so in our case we use the most effective amino acids and the carbohydrate. In short we achieve more direct replenishment from workouts.
  3. Zinc with magnesium. Both elevate testosterone production and aid in muscular development. Zinc is not present in many foods and is one of the most common trace element deficiencies in athletes influencing athletic performance and overall health.
  4. Vitamin D. In recent years there is great debate about vitamin D, both in terms of its association with all modern disease and its effect on athletic performance.
  5. Whey protein. It helps with recovery and muscle growth having the perfect amino acid ratio.
  6. A supplement greenery with enzymes and probiotics organic foods such as Green Vibrance. It helps create an alkaline environment necessary to reduce muscle damage and fatigue while contributing to a better functioning of the digestive system and the body in general.

All the above are mere suggestions. Nothing replaces good nutrition but some supplements can fill in the blanks and go your performance a step above ...