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1.Innovative structure of a training session

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Designing a training session is directly dependent on the match / training status of the players, the period running and the goals we want to achieve.
A typical training session has the following sequence

• warm-up

• exercises which require high neuromuscular synergy

• exercises that activate the metabolic process

• recovery

Clearly the tactical routine must precede the training of fitness if the goal is twofold. The brain assimilates the regular guidelines when not in a fatigue state and the players can perform more precisely the instructions of the coach. Accordingly if we aim at training, fitness and specific tactics together at the same session (tactics closely linked to the upcoming match on short time), we want the maximum memorization and execution of the new elements we want to give to the team.

But what if we diagnose problems in concentration and following of the coach's instruction at the last minutes of a match?

Try designing training session drills where the emphasis is more on the physical state at the beginning of training followed by specific tactics at the end, letting the player execute tactical instructions under fatigue state. In this way there is a simulation in situations of a match where you diagnose the problem. The player will gradually adapt.

Besides the best training is the is one that meets the needs of a match...