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Goalkeeper coach


UEFA A’ Goalkeeping Advanced Licence (2015)

UEFA A’ Certification (2014)

UEFA B’ Licence (2010)

Coaching Career:

2004-2007: Doxa Viron (Youth) 9-16 years old

2008-2009: Calcetto (Youth) 9-16 years old

2009-2010: Α.Ο. Chania F.C. (Greek Regional League)

2010-2011: P.Α.Ε. Α.Ο. Chania F.C. (Greek Football League 2)

2011-2012: P.Α.Ε. Α.Ο. Platanias F.C. (Greek Football League)

2012 - : P.Α.Ε. Α.Ο. Κerkyra F.C. (Greek Super League)

2012-2013: P.Α.Ε. Α.Ο. Platanias F.C. (Greek Super League)

2013-2014: P.Α.Ε. Α.Ο. Platanias F.C. (Greek Super League)

2014-2015: P.A.E. A.O. Ergotelis F.C. (Greek Super League)

2015-2016: P.A.E. Asteras Tripolis (Greek Super League – UEFA Europa League)

2017- today:P.A.E Lamia (Greek Super League)

Mountakis George

Trainings - Mountakis George

Goalkeeper Training

PART 1 (20 min)

Warm up

Cyclic exercise, coordination & reception of a volley-shot from the coach in the middle station. Then, at left & right stations: slalom and dynamic exercises.

1.Agility ladder: front & side skipping. Dynamic exercises: free choice from the goalkeeper.

2. Progressively increase pace and speed.

Mountakis George

4v1 game in restricted area. Target: 10 passes.

1. One goalkeeper makes a two-touch pass and the second must make a one–touch pass. The goalkeeper in the inside area can block the ball.

2.Improvement of first touch (restricted area–time), improvement of body angle (receiving-passing)

3. The coach participates + 4 goalkeepers.

Mountakis George

PART 2 (30 min)

In the first exercise (Figure 3) the technical part will be trained (positioning – body angle – receiving – passing).

Goalkeeper (A) passes to Goalkeeper (B). At the same time the coach shows a colored marker, so the Goalkeeper (B) makes a pass to the corresponding colored target. If the color is white/green, Goalkeeper (C) makes a high pass to Goalkeeper (D) (and the opposite). If the color is red/blue, Goalkeeper (B) makes a low pass to the small goals. All goalkeepers participate in the exercise.

Mountakis George

In Figure 4, the time and the accuracy of passing under pressure will be trained.

In restricted area and 3v1 situation, the goalkeeper in the inside area presses to win the ball. Then, the goalkeeper has five options of passing (two teammates, coach and two goals).

Mountakis George

PART 3 (with team)

9v9 game (it depends on the coach and the training target, outnumbering/equal numbering)

1. Improvement under realistic pressing situation.

2. Options & solutions for every game situation.

Mountakis George


1. Give as many breaks as needed to the goalkeepers – some games are highly-intensive.

2. All goalkeepers must participate in the training exercises. They remain active through receiving many touches and repetitions. The drills must also be entertaining and funny.

3. Exercises 3 & 4 must be carried out in realistic areas. The goalkeepers must be aware of the distances concerning the fundamentals of passing technique.

4. Make your trainings effective – Your players should question themselves concerning their performance. If you achieve that, they will be better in the next training session.

Mountakis George