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2.Crisis management in preparation phase of soccer training

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What happens when, for various reasons you do your planning during the preparation to prepare players for the upcoming season and you suddenly extend?

The team has gone through all the training stages to prepare for the first match of the season by following the classical periodisation model. With enough training volume in the early stages of preparation and gradual reduction while increasing intensity.

The extension of tapering by performing in season microcycles and making friendly games acts as a double-edged knife and a maximum performance longer than 5-8 weeks is difficult to be observed. So you risk losing the benefits of good condition from the first matches.

Keep your workouts in everyday tensions 4-8mmol lactic acid with small sided games more aspiring adjustments via quick recovery from training unit to training unit. Place strength workouts with nonlinear periodisation form within microcycles looking forward to filling gaps and reduce the training volume with mainly single workouts during the week.

Unfortunately the programming that you had to be subjected needs a strong shock to begin to pay ...

Always have in your mind that the in season period holds about 8-9 months and you will need to have the best possible condition your team as long as possible ....