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 GORGOPOTAMOY 84, T.K. 26224….. Patra, Greece

Phone: +30 2613018451

Cell: +30 6974142666 +30 6906811740

Born on 26 January 1964 in…SYDNEY AUSTRALIA His Nickname is “Costa” AUSTRALIAN PASSPORT

Professional Coach History

2017-2018 SPARTI FC FOOTBALL LEAGUE Head coach and head coach at U-20 team .

until December 2017 Technical Director of Soccer schools OLYMPIAKOS PIREUS at Patra (from 15/2/2017)

2016-17 Technical Director U-20 LAMIA PAS FC and Academies,and Scaouter of The Club.FOOTBALL LEAGUE(until 10/1/2017)

2015-16 Head Coach LAMIA PAS FC from December FOOTBALL LEAGUE

2015-16 Head Coach-partner coach Spanos Dim Panachaiki Patras Football League Greece Until December because Panachaiki had economic problems

2014-15 Head Coach –partner coach Spanos Dim Panachaiki Patras Football League Greece Play offs for championship

2009-10 Head Coach, Oleniakos. A topical Division Greece

2008-09 Assistant Coach, Panachaiki Patras, Footbal Legue2 Greece HC Τzanavaras Panagiotis And Head Coach at the last 2 months 2005-06 Assistant Coach, Panachaiki Patras, Football League Greece H C IVAN GIOVANOVITS SERBIAN

2003-04 Coach, Region Team Patras, National Championchip Vice Champions

2003-04 Coach at U-20 team Panachaiki Super league

2002-03 Assistant Coach, Panachaiki Patras,

Football league Since 2005 Head Coach, Academy Panachaiki Patras > 2008-09 Champions (17-19years) > 2008-09 Champions (16-18years) 2007-08: Champions (16-18 years) and 2nd place at (14-16 years) 2006-07: Champions (16-18 years) and 2nd place at (14-16 years) 2005-06: Champions (16-18 years) and (14-16 years) 2001-02 Head Coach, Youth Team Panachaiki Patras, Super League Greece Amateur Coach History 2013-2014 AXAIOS A DIV 2012-13 Asteras b topical Div Champions 2002-03 Diagoras Patras,2st Amateur Division 1999-01 Doxa Patras, 1st Amateur Division Vice Champions (2001) 1997-99 Proodeftiki Patras, 1st Amateur Division Champions (1999) Cup winners (1999) 1995-97 Omonia Patras, 3rd & 2nd Amateur Division Champions (1996 and 1997) Scouting History 2003-04 scaouting for PAOK Scaouter for Anagennisi Arta, 3rd Division Greece Player Career History Semi-professional and Amateur player for Doxa Patras, Omonia Patras, PAOK Patras, Olympiakos Patras and Ethnikos Patras. Twice top scorer in the 2th Division (Semi-professsional) Coaching education & development 1991…. Diploma EPO, Greek Football Association 1999…. Diploma UEFA B´, UEFA 2002-03…. Diploma UEFA A´, UEFA 2009 Diploma UEFA Pro, UEFA University education HIGH SCHOOL LYCEUM SCHOOL Personal skills and competences Languages: Greek & English Social skills and competences: Organisational skills and competences: Computer skills and competences: Memberships Soccer:ORGANISATION COACHES OF GREECE Social: Samariter, Red Cross Organisation Greece

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