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2.Training technique for ball dribbling

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Distance coverage by driving the ball and controlling it is defined as one of the main skills in the field of football. Follow the exercise below to learn the skills of young players by giving them the right instructions or to perfect it.

We divide the group into 3 groups.

Each group performs exercise 1 with ball-driving and contact with the ball per stroke by controlling it fully and turning around a ring (clockwise with the inside and counter-clockwise with the outside of the foot alternately).

In exercise 2, the players handle the ball at an increased pace, and perform skew between the rods trying to fully control the ball while they are moving.

Exercise 3 is performed by using one or both legs during the drive between cones (place the cones at different distances as in the figure).

2.Training technique for ball dribbling

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Each group of players performs the 3 exercises x 2 times and then have a passive 1-2 minute break. Returning them to the next exercise is in a slow pace.

Exercise intensity: 50-60% M.H.R.

Exercise duration: 5'.

Quantity of the exercise: 1-4 sets.

Stop:1'-2' per set

  • Using this kind of training is for learning a new motor skill at beginner level.
  • In advanced levels may be used as ''reminder'' of the athlete of motor skills or simply as a warm up with the ball before the main part of the session but without the ability of helping the athlete to improve his technique any further.