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1.Training technique with random variables

Random Form »

An exercise that improves your players' basic technical skills by using "randomness" is listed below. This exercise also works as a perfect form of specific warm-up, especially for high level players.
Create a box 10 x 10 meters with 4 cones.

Perform the exercise with groups of 7-10 players.

1.Training technique with random variables

Random Form »

Play inside the square with one contact. Two players are defenders and try to cut the ball, the others function as attackers by changing passes inside the square. The attackers are placed on the sides of the square with a player always in the center to support the sides. Any player who make mistake becomes defender and the last defender who came in change him.

Defensive players hold a colored blip on their hands.

Exercise intensity: 60-75% M.H.R.

Exercise Duration: 10'.

Exercise quantity: 1-2 sets.

Stop: 1'-2'.

  • Using this exercise helps for transferring the skill of first contact and short pass in real game conditions.
  • This exercise can be used as the specific part of a warm-up.