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In s11 you will find exercises that will help players to increase specific motor skills like jumping, shooting, sprinting...etc. while keeping the player strong in duels, providing them with muscular endurance and keep them safer from injuries.

Soccer fitness drills and practices related to develop all the components of strength:

Strength endurance is defined as the ability to maintain the decrease in dynamic momentum at as low level as possible during a specified number of force activation repetitions within a specified time.

The prolonged efforts of footballplayers during a match make muscle strength as a major skill in improving performance. Follow the program below to train this field of strength.

Execute the triads of the following exercises for 20 repetitions per exercise.


Start with the first three exercises. Go from Exercise 1 to Exercise 2 and then Exercise 3 with a 30'' break per exercise (lunges/back row-abs with fitball).

At the end of the Trinity 1' rest and then go to the second Trinity following the same procedure (stiff leg deadlifts-chest press-rusian twists).

1-3 cycles in total of the 2 triple exercises.

  • Effect of training on the ability of muscle strength endurance.
  • Effect of training on injury prevention and performance improvement.
  • Effect of training on anatomic muscle adaptations.
1.Muscle Endurance Training

The rationale for strength training in football is not to maximize this skill but to create an environment where the overall performance of the player will be improved.

Activation by engagement of specific muscle groups with either concentric-eccentric or isometric contractions helps to "isolated'' improvements.

In order to transfer the benefits of training to real-world conditions, we must force the muscles to work by helping motor sports skills to be executed where these muscles are required to produce power.

This will maximize muscle output during the time the player will actually need it.


An example of power transfer in specific conditions follows:

Execute 6-8 pushups on the bosuball (hands) & fitball abs (legs) and immediately enter the 5x5m space and try to protect the ball (shield the ball) with your body from the opponent for 10 ''.

3 x 6-8 reps strength exercise + 10'' execute similar features spesific motor skill with 1' stop between sets.

  • Training effect on improving muscular strength.
  • Training effect on muscular adaptations power production to specific kinetic skills.
2.Training Power Transfer to Specific Conditions

The ability of strength plays a dominant role in modern football. Segmenting needs into physical attributes per position makes the patterns more and less dominant.

The three main forms in strength training are:

  1. Maximum Strength
  2. Power
  3. Muscular Strength Endurance

The only form that if developed improves indirectly and the rest is the Maximum Strength Training.


Below follows a training in the form of maximum strength tailored to the needs of football that your players can follow in the gym.

It is a prerequisite for players to be subjected to a maximum test (for the exercises you see percentage) and the correct technical execution of the exercises.

  • Bench Press 3 sets of x 4-6 repetitions with 2'-3'stop (at 85% of a maximum repeat).
  • Squats 3 sets x 4-6 repetitions with 2'-3' stop (at 85% of one maximum repeat).
  • Pull Ups 3 sets x 6-8 reps with 2'-3' stop (with body weight or belt with pounds to execute only 6-8 reps).

During training can be added core exercises, proprioception exercises or assistive exercises with minimal or body weight external load if you feel it is necessary.

Choose carefully depending to the periodization model that your team follows, the time you will perform such training form, emphasizing to the correct execution technique.

3.Maximal Strength Training in Soccer

The main form of strength in soccer is called Muscle Power and you consider it the ability to move a load in the shortest possible time.

This ability to quickly develop strength can be trained in the field by engaging exercises that resemble the skills and needs of a match.

A training method is the plyometric where through muscle stretch / shortening cycle strength is generated in a short time and in which we can add specialized football skills.

(Several sport scientists consider the stretch / shortening cycle as a distinct appearance of strength form ...)


Divide your team into 4 groups and perform the following exercises.

1) 4 jumps over obstacles 40 cm high - first touch dribble and play "1-2" - finish with a shoott at the post

2) 4 changes of directions on poles - skipping on a ladder - jump and header

3) lateral skipping in obstacles 10 cm right and left - receive and ball driving - drible a manequin and shoot in a small post

4) 4 single leg jumps in rings - receive and pass - slalom sprint and finish in a post


Execute 2-3 sets per exercise with a 1' break between the exercises and 2'-3' between sets.

  • Effect of training on improving muscle performance in a short time.
  • Effect of training on the muscle adaptation of power generation to specialized motor skills.
4.Power training with soccer specific skills

Strength training may be one of the training contents with the greatest interaction between the elements that characterize development in soccer. In accordance with the epidemiological context and the existing relationship between injury rate and performance, it is considered that neuromuscular training may be the content that best approximates the movement conflicts required by the activity.

Considering the physiological and physical demands of competition, strength programs have a positive impact on individual performance, not only because of their prevalence with respect to other content, but also because of their ecological value in involving different movement patterns.

The method for functional strength training described here is based on scientific evidence, having been simplified for this study and shaped according to professional practical experience. It is an open and live methodology that feeds back from the constant observations made about the athlete, being a proposal adaptable to the relevant context.

The model consists of 4 blocks:

Preventive / Recovery / Structural / Specific actions


Example: Preventive work: This type of work is intended to deal with the most casualties of Football, in this case pubis, hamstrings, knee and ankle. It depends on each football player and their harmful history, certain parameters are treated.


Below is an example of work for individual treatment of Hamstrings, pubis, buttocks and core. In Pre-session, 10 exercises, 2 series, 10-15 minutes with a moderate intensity.

5.Functional Strength