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3.The Small Sided Games Method

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The best training is the one that simulates the needs of the match.

The modern form of training now in football is that of Small-sided games. Players try to accomplish the objectives of each game, creating habits for the performance of football activities.

These habits are expected by team coaches to see from their players, during the official matches, hoping for a similar result.

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Small-sided games are designed to improve all four aspects of technical / tactical / mental and physical performance.
However, there are a number of factors that affect their effectiveness and usability and which coaches should take into consideration before applying them to the training process.

  • Player capabilities
  • Game implementation period
  • Number of players
  • Game space dimensions
  • Duration of play
  • Game break
  • Using a goalkeeper
  • Orientation of the game or not
  • Contacts with the ball
3.The Small Sided Games Method

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In the above table you see's analysis of functionality and effect on a set of parameters of Small Sided Games.
Study the impact of the training stimulus you want to give to your players and select games with the corresponding content.