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Teams Managed:

2008-2009 Panathinaikos F.C.(Assistant)

2011-2012 Young Ajax (Assistant)

2013 Reading F.C.(Assistant)

2013-2015 Panathinaikos F.C.

2016-2017 Roda J.C.

2017 Kortrijk F.C.

2018-2019 A.C. Omonia

2019 Atromitos F.C.

Anastasiou Yannis

Trainings - Anastasiou Yannis

Attack transition

The insight and the appropriate decisions of my football players during the transition to the attack, is a constant concern but also a trademark of the teams I train.

I use the following training session mainly on a weekly micro-cycle during the season, where I want to give my players cohesiveness but also their function, with the recovery of the ball and the rapid transition to the attack under conditions.

Part 1:

Possession drill (rondo) 8v2 in square 15x15m.

The players are required to follow the rules of the all-known "rondo 5v2" with the following difference. After all passes, the outside players must run quickly around the pole placed outside the sides of the square.

This is how I prepare my football players for main training, with a move immediately after contact with the ball, which is decisive in setting up continuous action from the player's side for the attacking transition.

Exercise Intensity: 65-85% M.H.R.

Exercise Duration: 1-2 sets x 8'-10'

Exercise break: 1' per set

Anastasiou Yannis

Part 2:

I divide the group into 2 groups 10v10.

SSG with ball possession in a 40x40m space.

Football players are placed in their positions based on the formation that I will follow in the next match but also and for the opponents based on the analysis that has been made. The space is selected based on the distance I want my team to have between the lines.

Teams play with 2 contacts with a target the "opposing" team the 10 passes (retaining their formation) and our "own team" pass through any of the 3 gates I have placed in a short time.

Exercise intensity: 75-95% M.H.R.

Exercise Duration: 1-3 sets x 3'-6'

Exercise break: 1' per set

Anastasiou Yannis

Part 3:

Free game 10v10 with 2 GK at 3/4 of the pitch.

I let the game run freely without contact limitation but with the offside rule in place. I urge starting eleven team players to quickly exploit on the backs of the opponent's lines with constant movement and right decisions.

Exercise intensity: 75-95% M.H.R.

Exercise Duration: 1-4 sets x 6'-10'

Exercise break: 2 'per set

Anastasiou Yannis
Anastasiou Yannis
Defence transition

I use these training units towards the end of the micro cycle to coach the specific tactics I want my team to follow in the upcoming match.

The reason I do it at the end of the week is double. First of all the best possible memorization of the instructions and secondly the form of the training unit that follows the principles of "tapering" to achieve the best possible performance.

Anastasiou Yannis

Part 1:
Passing drill in the shape of "Y".

Every 2 minutes I grow up the "Y" reaching up to the last poles I have placed.

In this way, players are trained at different distance passess, changing the way the ball is received and taking "high intensity runs" by preparing their cardiorespiratory system.

Anastasiou Yannis

Part 2:

Game 10v10 with 1 GK at 2/3 of the pitch.

The game always starts with the defending team (basically the starting lineup in formation that I'm thinking of starting in the match).

The attacking team follows the formation we expect the opponent to place in the match and aims to achieve a goal at the main post.

My central defenders open to the side of the box and the full backs go up high. One of the two defensive midfielders descends between the defenders to support the build up and the second looking for space in the area between the lines. The goal of the defending team is with a gameplay to pass the 3 gates located at about 60 meters by driving the ball.

Anastasiou Yannis

If the ball is lost anywhere on the pitch, nearby players put pressure on the ball holder, those in front of the ball are urged to return immediately behind their imaginary straight line and those behind the ball to divide the markings to avoid rapid aggressive activity with long balla of the lines.

Every free-game activity lasts up to 30 '' to 1 'and the break is complete until the players of both teams are reinstated.
In the two-set break, the players of each team, on their own, do a mini-account of what makes them difficult and what they have to do to achieve their goal.

Exercise intensity: 60-85% of M.H.R.
Exercise Duration: 2 sets x 6'-8'
Exercise break: 4' per set

Anastasiou Yannis